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What is Logic GUI


Logic Gui Professional is a powerful visual Form Editor for MaxGUI, the Blitzmax GUI module. Also known as GUI Builder, GUI Editor, Interface Builder or GUI Construction.

(Blitzmax and MaxGUI is Copyright by Blitz Research Ltd www.Blitzbasic.com)


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LogicZone thinks green!

HomePageBaumCO2FREELogic Gui and it's modules are fully event based and thus don't consume any CPU power if there is no user interaction. That means every user around the world produces less pollution. But not only the program and it's components are environment friendly, also the LogicZone website is hosted at Strato. Strato uses climate-friendly power supply as part of its climate protection plan and is 100% C02 free. The electrical current is generated from river water in hydro-electrical power plants on the upper Rhine.