Version 5.3 is released!

Logic Gui got now a new three step snap with priority system. Gadgets can now snap to guides, other gadgets or the grid in all possible directions and also while moving or sizing. The priority system takes care when different snap positions are in reach. The new gadget to gadget snap makes visual alignment again quicker.

Sort of IntelliSense for MaxGui commands is available in the Event Editor. It helps where you are not sure which commands are available for a certain gadget type - useful for new users of MaxGui or if you didn't touch it for a while and you can add your own menus and commands to it.

Reverse lookup of gadget and event from created source code. This function allows you to select a location in the created source code and Logic Gui selects the corresponding event and gadget and retrieves the code of it, ready for edit. Thus you have the overview of the whole source but still able to directly edit your code.

In several different views a group by parent is available to better display the gadget structure.

The Event Editor has been improved with a lot of convenient functions.

The new PANEL_RAISED style has been implemented as gadget, properties and for the parser.

And a lot more, more than 50 improvements have been implemented.