Advanced Layer Support


Layers let you easily create otherwise complicated forms.

They can be used to structure your gadgets or to put gadgets in the same place, which should then later appear at different times!

A good example is probably an option window, where there is a list or tree on the left side and the corresponding options you can choose on the right. Depending of what item you selected on the left list, you can access then the sub-options on the right.

Every layer has a name and a transparency level, thus you are able to make the top layer shine through and see the gadgets from the layer(s) underneath. If you double click a layer you can toggle between a visible or invisible state of the gadgets inside very easy.

A resizable tool window helps you to create the correct tree structure for your application. You can define layers in layers, give them names, move them around, disable any source code creation and more...

Layers are fully optional, use them or not. Logic Gui itself creates some internal layers when needed, for example notes or guides are put in extra layers.

Your creativity will have no limits!


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