Multi Language Support

Which Language does your Customer speak?


Logic Gui lets you create a form with several languages for your gadgets. Add or delete those languages at any time (!) during your development process.

Powerful but easy to use. Define the languages needed, all the administration is done by Logic Gui.

The Multi Language Support uses Logic Gui's LogicXML Module, which is able to parse the XML language file and retrieve the data to build the GUI, or the MaxGui built in localization.

Import new languages!

The problem with foreign languages is, that you may not know the correct word or spelling. So if you decide to go for a multi language application, it is may wise to have somebody who talks the language as mother tongue. The idea is now to spread the program together with the xml file and let people/user fill in the right words. You can then collect from various sources and import all pending languages without extra work. As the xml file contains also the 'comment' of Logic Gui you can give extra information for best results.

Express yourself clearly!


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