With User Manual, Tutorials, Examples

The startup with a new product is not an easy task for everybody. While Logic Gui tries to be intuitive as possible, you may not know the idea behind a certain function, or you just need more information. To speed up the process and instead of using trial and error, Logic Gui comes with a bunch of material.

User Manual

A complete User Manual is provided with information on every single function. It's available in PDF format and can be searched easily. A table of contents links directly to the article in question and it is created to be printable, if you like (but consider the protection of the environment, please).


A picture sometimes tells you more than 1000 words. Even if you read a certain article in the User Manual you may not immediately understand how you could use this or that function in your application. A range of tutorials explains you visually how it works.


The advantage of examples are, that they are executable. You can change them and see what happens, which leads in a better learning curve.

Knowledge is power!


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