Tutorial 1

A Simple Form - Creating a CalculatorSimple Form

What is the meaning of certain colors, how to select things and move them around, identifying parts of the Gadget Control Center, adding a menu to a window, fit a gadget to the client area of a parent, saving a form, basic structure of the generated code (classic style, no OOP in this tutorial).

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Tutorial 3

Usage of Tabber, Splitter and ScrollPanelTabber Splitter ScrollPanel

Tabber, Splitter, Layout Control Window, Load and Save Selections, ScrollPanel.

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Tutorial 5

Working with Guides:Guides

Horizontal and Vertical Guides, Snap while sizing and moving, Distribute between Guides, Guides Layer, Fit inside Guides, Add and Delete.

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Tutorial 7


Working with Anchors:

Select Container selects Children, Anchor Edges or All Sides, Link to Layout.

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Tutorial 2

How to use LayersLayer

The Layer Window, Gadget Commander, Gadget Distribution, Copy and Paste, Gadget Align, Gadget Distance Control, Event Editor, GadgetList, Measure.

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Tutorial 4

Get the idea of multi language forms:Multi-Language

Language Window, Add and Remove Languages, Import Languages, Retrieve Languages, Set Gadget Language.

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Tutorial 6

Using the Media-Manager:Media-Manager

Manage External Media and IncBin them, Open Form Folder, Open Media Parent Folder, Edit Media.

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