How to get help?

In case you need some help using Logic Gui, use one of the methods below.

HelpButtonA lot of functions in Logic Gui should be intuitive, but the sheer amount add some complexity. If you are unsure about a certain function, search the user manual with an appropriate keyword. That should give a good overview.

If you are a new user, then you should checkout if there is a video tutorial for your problem. This gives most of the time a better idea how it works, than reading a lot of stuff. It's also helpful if you didn't use some functionality for some time.

Still no luck finding a solution?

For general questions post in the forum or send an email.

Checkout also the News or Bug forum if your problem is mentioned and may already solved. If you suffer from a certain issue and it is fixed or you like to use a new function before the next release please send an email. Be aware that those intermediate versions are not fully tested, but they could help anyway.