LogicXML Module

LogicXML is build to parse a XML file and retrieve the data to create a Graphic User Interface.

LogicXML uses MaXML © by John Judnich as XML file parser.

The XML Structure needed for access is automatically created by Logic Gui. You can fetch single values or complete item or gadget information. GetText( "Button1" ) - retrieves a single text string of a button vs. GetGuiGadget( "Button1" ) - retrieves all information in one go, size and position, text and style and so on...

Although the XML file can hold complete information for gadget creation, you can use it also, or only, for multi language support. Every gadget can have their text and tip stored in many different languages which can then be retrieved on demand during runtime! Convenient functions like SetLanguageList and LanguageSelected will help you managing all this without headache.