Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Mac or Linux version of Logic Gui? 
No, unfortunately not. Maybe in the future.


If i double click an item in the gadget tree but don't want to insert any new gadget anymore, how can i cancel the insert? 
Simply click on the arrow pointer on the left side of the toolbar on top of the gadget tree. This will cancel the insert and go back to the 'Move and Size' mode.


Why does my gadget not belong to the parent when at 0,0 position. 
The recursive gadget parser of Logic Gui needs a children at least 1 pixel inside the parent to distinct which gadget belongs to which parent and to do all connections on the fly. Use the 'Fit Client Area' function to resize a gadget to the maximum area the parent has.


Can i change the email address Logic Gui is send to? 
Yes! Send the new address and you will be asked on that new address for your invoice number to confirm you are the right person.


Can i use Blide as my favorite editor together with Logic Gui. 
Yes! But you need to customize the files send to the editor. Normally Logic Gui sends two files, one with the full source code (as reference) and a second file with the function you just want to edit. Blide does not open separate tabs for every file (version 0.8x) as the MaxIDE does. If you edit the default.xml file which comes with Logic Gui you can force only the function to send. 
Search for this line: Edit_Event ImExport_Path="" Event_Text="" Use_Source_Text="1"and change Use_Source_Text="1" to Use_Source_Text="0"


Is there a possibility of having the main application window centered on the users desktop 
Yes. Call the properties of the newly generated window (you can do so by double clicking on the titelbar) and look on the style tab, switch off the 'Child Window' if on and switch on the "Independent" checkbox. When a window is "Independent" then it stays itself on the desktop, that's exactly what we want! 

Open now the Source Properties/General tab of the window and you will see at the bottom of the tab a combobox you may not see before. Here you will now find the window anchor points! Center your window in height or width or both! When you choose any of the anchor points, the values in the x and y coordinates are taken as offset! The offset can be positive or negative, thus allows you to position the new window almost everywhere.