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Rapid Application Development

RAD toolRapid Application Development refers to a type of software development methodology that uses minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping. The "planning" of software developed using RAD is interleaved with writing the software itself. The lack of extensive pre-planning generally allows software to be written much faster, and makes it easier to change requirements.

Logic Gui is not only a GUI Designer, but also a RAD tool. Beside the fact that you are able to design your form very fast you can add also your code needed for your application. A built in editor with syntax highlight, help and undo assists you while working directly in Logic Gui, but you can also configure your own favorite editor.

The created source code consists out of gadget creation code, the event handling and the callback functions. The gadget creation code depends on the designed form. For every selected event the event handler will build an entry in the event loop and a corresponding callback function. The callback function contains automatically your code, which should run when the event was fired.

An automatic import of Logic Gui modules and IncBin of external media or language localization information lets you finally focus on your program, while Logic Gui does the boring stuff for you. Changing the GUI does not break the code anymore.

Time is money!


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Every Form can serve as Template

Every form or part of a form can serve as a template. Such a template could just be a bunch of gadgets, or a complete ready to use type. Templates can be saved in a special folder and later inserted in a form with a single click.

While creating your form you are able to save at any time selected gadgets as template and reuse it immediately.

Do it once and never again!


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Unlimited Undo/Redo

Moving, sizing or editing the gadget properties is fast and simple, but when done by mistake you can use the undo/redo. Every single step can be taken back. A short description explains what the next step does.

Checkout different settings or layouts and easily go back, if it still does not fit your needs.

Back to the future!


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For Beginners and Experts

Beginners and Experts have may totally different needs. A beginner does not know all commands yet, or how things fit together. An expert on the other side just don't want to loose time preparing something and wants to focus on the real programming task.

Logic Gui will fit for both with it's concept. All advanced methods can be used, but you are not forced to. Use them when you feel yourself ready for it.

Beginners may have a closer look to the output Logic Gui produces and learn from that, the well sorted source code helps you to identify what belongs together.

Experts may more interested in type creation, layering or xml stuff. They can work fast without reinventing the wheel.

Today a beginner, tomorrow an expert!


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With User Manual, Tutorials, Examples

The startup with a new product is not an easy task for everybody. While Logic Gui tries to be intuitive as possible, you may not know the idea behind a certain function, or you just need more information. To speed up the process and instead of using trial and error, Logic Gui comes with a bunch of material.

User Manual

A complete User Manual is provided with information on every single function. It's available in PDF format and can be searched easily. A table of contents links directly to the article in question and it is created to be printable, if you like (but consider the protection of the environment, please).


A picture sometimes tells you more than 1000 words. Even if you read a certain article in the User Manual you may not immediately understand how you could use this or that function in your application. A range of tutorials explains you visually how it works.


The advantage of examples are, that they are executable. You can change them and see what happens, which leads in a better learning curve.

Knowledge is power!


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Understandable Interface

Not everyone is creating every day a new GUI. Do you know by hard which event is used for what operation in MaxGui? What was the correct paramter or setting? Logic Gui offers an understandable interface and properties editor. There is a unique concept of switching single options on or off, without the need to fill in already the code you may not have prepared yet. Every option is saved and nothing is lost, even if not yet in use. This gives more freedom and avoids extra work.

Visual feedback is provided as much as possible, helping you on many tasks. Different levels of feedback gives you the information you need at a certain moment.

Used intuitively!


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Your Form with anchored Notes

Code you have written half a year ago, may looks like written by somebody else. With a GUI is should not that hard, but also here it is may wise to attach some notes. While the program you have written is crystal clear to you, others may wonder what a certain button is used for.

Logic Gui provides a Note System where you can annotate your form with different team members. Every user, date and time is recorded and shows what others may provide as feedback. Important notes can be specified with different colors.

Color Notes can be used to automatically measure the color at a certain point and calculates several average value for your comfort.

Beside the Notes System, every single gadget has a comment field in Logic Gui, which can be used to describe it's function in the form.

Do you remember?


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Well sorted Source Code

Although the source code is generated by software and thus has to follow some rules, Logic Gui produces a well sorted output. The hierarchy of the form gadgets, child to parent, is directly visible and also every subcommand of a gadget has a direct indent underneath. All this works totally automatic without any extra work from the user.

Header, Imports, IncBins, Variable definition, Creation Code, Initialization, Event Loop, Callback Functions, Appendix... You have always the overview.

If you use a standard event loop or independent types for your windows with OOP interface, the source code is adjusted and realigned on the fly.

Get the big picture!


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